More Improvements

Up until now news paper collected at the Loudon Center
was deposited into a large dumpster type container that
would hold several thousand pounds when full. The container
 then had to be hauled to the Lenoir City Center where it was
unloaded by hand into the containers for shipping. The cost to have
 the dumpster hauled to Lenoir City then back to Loudon was more
than the amount of money we receive from the sale of the news paper.
With the new system all recycling material, cans, magazines and news paper
will be placed directly into the shipping containers and hauled to
Lenoir City and unloaded with the fork lift. Besides saving the back
breaking labor involved in unloading the old dumpster we no longer
have to pay to have it hauled. Every one should go by and take a look.

More Improvements To Come

The Old Way

The New Way

New Trailers and Shed