Loudon County Circuit Court Clerk

Lisa P. Niles

Circuit and Criminal Court
P.O. Box 280
Loudon, TN 37774
(865) 458-2042
General Sessions and Juvenile Court
12680 Highway 11 W. Suite 3
Lenoir City, TN 37771
(865) 986-3505
Fax (865) 458-2043

 Circuit and Criminal Court are considered Trial courts in which a jury can be requested.

These courts meet every 4 months in Loudon County and are located in the old Court House on the corner of Grove Street and Highway 11.

Circuit Court - March, July, November 

Criminal Court - January, May, August

Circuit Court - This court has jurisdiction in the following cases:

torte case with no maximum monetary limitations 

(personal injury and product liability), divorce, 

child support collection and investment of moneys for minors in torte cases, 

guardianship, land condemnation/eminent domain, restoring citizenship and

appeals from General Sessions Court. These cases may be heard by the Judge or a jury if requested. 

Criminal Court - This court has jurisdiction over persons charges with

the commission of a crime. Every person charged with a crime is

constitutionally entitled to a jury trial.

However defendant may waive trial by jury and be tried solely in front

of the Criminal Court Judge. If the defendant has a trial by jury, then the jury determines guilt or innocence and the judge determines the sentence in a separate hearing. Criminal Court has appellate jurisdiction for misdemeanor appeals from lower courts.

General Sessions Court and Juvenile Court are located in the Justice Center

on the corner of Sugarlimb Road and Highway 11.

General Sessions Court - This court is a court of Limited Jurisdiction.

It's judge is on the bench every week day. It has jurisdiction over traffic tickets, divorces, issues orders of protection, restraining orders, garnishments detainer wits, small claim civil suits (under $15, 000), misdemeanor and preliminary hearings in felony cases which require grand jury action.

This is the most often used Court because the cases are set and heard quicker.

Juvenile Court - This court hears all cases where the defendant is a minor (under 18 years of age).

This includes proceedings involving minors alleged to have committed a misdemeanor or felony, to be delinquent, unruly, dependent or neglected. The Circuit, Criminal, General Sessions, and Juvenile Court Clerk, Connie Clark, acts as the principal administrative aide for these four courts and provides assistance in the areas of courtroom administration, records management, docket maintenance, revenue management which involves collections and distribution, maintenance of court minutes, office communications and Jury selection. Since the Clerk is responsible for the operation of four courts in 2 locations, 3 miles apart, she employs individuals who are called Deputy Clerks and a supervisor, Lisa Niles, who is the Chief Deputy Clerk.  These individuals can act in her place in most matters.